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What is a Senior IT Analyst? 

A Senior IT Analyst, also known as a Brand BTS Manager, is a dedicated professional responsible for maximizing the value of technology for brand teams. They play an active role in planning and directing technology implementation, partnering with Customer Excellence, Commercial teams, and other functions to deliver effective solutions. Their main focus is providing high-quality advice on technology usage, selling the benefits of technology across different areas of competency, and creating opportunities for technology use that align with business strategies.

Duties of a Senior IT Analyst:

  • Technology Strategy: The Senior IT Analyst advises the Customer Excellence and Brand Teams on technology usage within the business strategy. They stay updated on emerging technology trends and digital strategies to understand their impact on the affiliate's business and existing systems. They recommend and implement technology and digital strategies within the brand teams, building strong relationships with Area BTS management, capability towers, and corporate BTS services.

  • Project Management: The Senior IT Analyst manages or participates in project teams for the implementation of global and area systems within the affiliate. They maintain a high level of knowledge about these systems, serve as a point of contact for future developments and best practices, and ensure smooth transitions during system implementation. They also assist customers in making informed decisions about risk, costs, success measures, and return on investment for BTS projects.

  • Stakeholder Collaboration: Collaboration is a crucial aspect of the Senior IT Analyst's role. They work closely with internal stakeholders, including global and affiliate technical leads, to understand user feedback and identify needs regarding data sources and dashboards. They liaise with different levels of management, ensuring effective communication and alignment of technology initiatives with business objectives.

Similar roles to a Senior IT Analyst:

  • IT Business Analyst: IT Business Analysts focus on understanding business needs and translating them into technology solutions. They work closely with business stakeholders to analyse requirements, design systems, and facilitate the successful implementation of IT projects.

  • IT Project Manager: IT Project Managers oversee and coordinate technology projects from initiation to completion. They are responsible for project planning, resource allocation, risk management, and ensuring the successful delivery of technology solutions.

  • Technology Consultant: Technology Consultants provide expert advice and guidance on technology strategies, implementations, and transformations. They work with organizations to assess their technology needs, develop roadmaps, and optimize technology usage to achieve business objectives.

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