Our seasoned recruiters know all about the trials and tribulations of interviews we’re here to help you achieve your career goals.

  • 01

    Know yourself and your goals

    Brush up on your skills/abilities, background, values, experience, education, training, and career goals and aspirations

  • 02

    Know your area of expertise

    Why you selected this field, your experience and why you are interested in the role. Be prepared by looking up similar roles.

  • 03

    Know real life examples

    Most interviewers today use behavioural interviewing techniques & questioning, past behaviour is the best predictor of future behaviour

  • 04

    Look the part

    Your appearance is your first impression to your interviewer. Be professional but also be yourself.

  • 05

    Do you have any questions?

    Be sure to have a list of appropriate questions to ask your interviewee, it shows your research and interest in the position.

  • 06

    Close on a positive, enthusiastic note

    Leave a lasting impression on your interviewer, ask what the next step will be and leave with a smile!

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