Upstream Bioprocess Associate Jobs

​What is an Upstream Bioprocess Associate?

An Upstream Bioprocess Associate is a professional who plays a key role in the production of biological products in the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries. They are responsible for executing upstream bioprocessing activities, including cell culture, fermentation, and media preparation, to support the development and production of biologics.

Duties of an Upstream Bioprocess Associate:

Cell Culture and Fermentation: Upstream Bioprocess Associates perform cell culture and fermentation operations, including inoculation, expansion, and maintenance of cell lines or microbial cultures. They monitor critical parameters such as pH, temperature, dissolved oxygen, and nutrient levels to ensure optimal growth conditions. They also troubleshoot and resolve issues that may arise during the cell culture or fermentation process.

Media Preparation: Upstream Bioprocess Associates prepare cell culture media and buffers used in upstream bioprocessing. They follow established protocols to accurately measure and mix components, ensuring the quality and consistency of the media. They may also assist in media optimization studies and the development of new media formulations.

Bioreactor Operation: Upstream Bioprocess Associates operate bioreactors, which are large-scale vessels used for cell culture or fermentation. They set up and monitor bioreactor parameters, control feeding and sampling, and manage process parameters to optimize productivity and yield. They also perform routine maintenance and cleaning of bioreactor systems.

Sampling and Analysis: Upstream Bioprocess Associates collect samples during cell culture or fermentation processes for analysis. They perform analytical tests, such as cell count, viability, metabolite analysis, and product titer determination, to assess the progress and quality of the bioprocess. They document and interpret the analytical results and report findings to the relevant teams.

Process Documentation: Upstream Bioprocess Associates maintain accurate records and documentation of all upstream bioprocessing activities. They ensure compliance with standard operating procedures (SOPs), batch records, and regulatory guidelines. They may also contribute to process development reports, protocols, and technical documents.

Equipment Monitoring and Maintenance: Upstream Bioprocess Associates monitor equipment used in upstream bioprocessing, such as bioreactors, centrifuges, and filtration systems. They perform routine equipment checks, calibration, and maintenance to ensure proper functioning and troubleshoot any equipment-related issues.

Safety and Compliance: Upstream Bioprocess Associates adhere to safety protocols and good manufacturing practices (GMP) during bioprocessing activities. They maintain a clean and safe work environment and follow appropriate safety procedures for handling hazardous materials and waste disposal.

Similar roles to an Upstream Bioprocess Associate:

Downstream Bioprocess Associate: Downstream Bioprocess Associates are involved in the purification and separation of biological products after the upstream process. They perform chromatography, filtration, and other downstream processing techniques to isolate and purify the target biologic.

Bioprocess Technician: Bioprocess Technicians support both upstream and downstream bioprocessing activities. They assist in cell culture, fermentation, media preparation, purification, and analytical testing. They work closely with scientists and engineers to ensure smooth operations and efficient bioproduction.

Biomanufacturing Associate: Biomanufacturing Associates are involved in the large-scale production of biologics. They perform various tasks related to upstream and downstream processes, including cell culture, fermentation, purification, formulation, and filling.

Process Development Associate: Process Development Associates work on developing and optimizing bioprocesses for the production of biologics. They conduct experiments, collect data, analyse results, and contribute to the scale-up and transfer of processes to manufacturing.

These roles share a common focus on bioprocessing and the production of biological products. They require knowledge of cell culture techniques, fermentation, analytical testing, and compliance with regulatory guidelines.

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