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Overcome the Blue Monday blues

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Overcome the Blue Monday blues

Feeling down? Struggling to focus on your work or enjoy the things you usually love? Don't worry, we've got you covered. Blue Monday, which falls on the third Monday of January every year, may be known as the most depressing day of the year, but it doesn't have to be. We've compiled a list of tips to help you tackle this day and boost your mood both in and out of the workplace with confidence.

Connect with Your Colleagues

Make an effort to connect with your colleagues, whether it's through a quick chat or a coffee break. Building relationships with your colleagues can help you feel more connected and engaged at work, and can lead to a more positive work environment.

Set Achievable Goals

Setting achievable goals for yourself throughout the day can help you feel accomplished and motivated. Break down your tasks into smaller, more manageable goals, and celebrate each time you achieve one. This will help you feel more in control and less overwhelmed.

Bring in a Sweet Treat

Go the extra mile by bringing in a sweet treat to share with your team. This can help lighten the mood and create a sense of camaraderie. Building relationships with your colleagues can help you create a more positive work environment, and can lead to a more fulfilling work experience.

Prioritize Self-Care Activities

When you're feeling down, it's important to prioritize self-care activities that bring you joy and relaxation. Whether it's taking a walk in nature, trying a new hobby, or simply spending time with loved ones, make time for what brings you a sense of calm and happiness.

Remember, Blue Monday is just one day, and it's important to take care of yourself and your mental health every day. If you're struggling, there are many resources available to you.

​In Ireland, several mental health associations provide a range of services, support, and resources for individuals and families. Some of these associations include:

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