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Employment opportunities in Westmeath

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Employment opportunities in Westmeath

Employment opportunities in Westmeath expected to exceed national average - report

​Employment opportunities in Westmeath are expected to grow by 12% exceeding the national average of 8% according to figures recently released in a report by FRS Recruitment. In light of the release of the report, Mullingar-based recruitment company, Force Recruitment, has said that Mullingar has experienced growth in job opportunities in recent years and expects this to continue in 2024. The firm attributed this to the performance of multinationals like the Writech, TEG and The Ardonagh group in Mullingar. Force Recruitment said these companies are “cultivating a pool of candidates with specific skill sets” and engaging in career talks at local schools and nearby colleges to identify emerging talent.


The team has successfully found jobs for many individuals in companies across the region. It is amazing the difference it makes to their work-life balance. They don’t realise how much time they spent travelling until they are in the new job,” Kevin Byrne, recruitment manager at Force Recruitment told Topic. Mr Byrne explained that Force Recruitment aims to engage with people commuting to Dublin who want to move back to Mullingar. This is made possible by the growth in job opportunities throughout the midlands. “We have seen a noticeable shift in opportunities, as more companies establish themselves in the midlands, providing diverse job opportunities. The region boasts a broad spectrum of industries and roles, including those in international businesses operating somewhat under the local radar,” said Mr Byrne. Force Recruitment said Irish export companies continue to create employment — particularly in the pharmaceutical and medtech sectors. The company said the planned expansion of Mullingar’s science park should lead to more job openings. “The job market in Mullingar includes a mix of full-time permanent positions and temporary or contract roles, catering to various preferences, especially in higher-skilled areas like Manufacturing or IT. Temporary positions offer individuals the chance to gain new skills and prove themselves for potential future permanent roles within the company,” said Mr Byrne. ​


Force Recruitment explained that new employers in Mullingar including Bevcraft Group, Energoinvest, Reach Active, Social Media Elite and My Name Is Ted are generating employment in the town in the sales, marketing, warehousing and engineering industries. Established businesses like FBD, Ecolab and ORS continue to contribute to the town’s job market through active recruitment. Force Recruitment also explained that businesses on the outskirts of Mullingar like ABP Food Group’s pet division and C&D foods“ contribute significantly to the local economy”. The firm said the significant layoffs in the tech sector “predominantly affected Dublin rather than the midlands”


The introduction of additional statutory sick leave, parents leave and an increased minimum wage are expected to “pose additional cost pressures for some businesses” according to Force Recruitment agency. Shirley Kiernan, director of operations and corporate development at Force Recruitment told Topic what employers can do to face these challenges. “The job market continues to face a skills shortage in certain sectors, leading to increased pressure on salaries and benefits. To attract and retain staff, companies are becoming more creative in their offerings, including salary increases, additional benefits like increased annual leave, bonuses, paid paternity leave, and flexible working hours.“ “Employers should be proactive in exploring the diverse business landscape Mullingar offers, with events like the Mullingar Chamber's Careers Fairs providing a valuable platform for networking and discussing both immediate and potential future job opportunities,” added Ms Kiernan.